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Management and marketing via social media

We make sure to build a strong brand presence, starting with what we post and when it’s right, we’ll make sure your social media profiles are up to date from start to finish so you can focus on running your business. Yes, it’s that easy. We allow your customers to have a one-on-one conversation with your brand, taking customer service to the next level. We’ll help you design strategies to maximize your visibility and engagement on social channels

Strategy and technical support
Creative designs
Business identity development
Posts schedule
Customer response service
monthly plans
Creative content
Reports and analysis

Motion Graphics Videos

Animated videos are perfect for any business marketing and attracting audience attention. . We Help Your Customers Keep Your Information According to Studies The average person keeps only 10% of what they hear, and 50% of what they see. What does this mean for your business? We provide integrated solutions, starting from the story and setting scenarios until uploading your video online!

Paid Google Ads Services

Paid Google Ads campaigns show your website among the top results on the Google search engine, and an amount is deducted whenever one of your customers clicks on your ad. Your site by showing it at the top of the search results, and this is an ideal solution to show your ad at the right time and place to the target audience accurately and effectively. We plan and implement Google Ads campaigns for our clients in Arabic and English, which ensures that they get more traffic for ads and more visits to their websites, and thus increase the volume of revenue.


We specialize in paid Google advertising services, where we develop electronic marketing plans that target all customer segments to effectively reach the target audience while they search for specialized products and services offered by your company and competing companies through the Internet. We drive traffic towards your website, and according to your goals, we design your ads in a creative manner. Through video or graphics ads to highlight your brand’s website, and add contact addresses to receive requests from potential customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Customers searching for products and services online through Google and other search engines? Is your product or services clear and accessible? We make it easy to reach your target customers, and guide them to your business. We are the leader in web search optimization (SEO), our analytical processes for keywords not only provide the first ranks in the search, but also ensure high traffic and sales for your business.

Electronic advertising campaign launch services

The best companies in managing advertising campaigns Advertising campaign management services begin with comprehensive planning and application of the best media plans and strategies for publishing advertising content and distributing the budget allocated for advertising on appropriate communication platforms. We have been working in the digital marketing sector since 2007, and we have extensive experience that we gained from managing very important campaigns for government agencies in the UAE and for private sector companies. We update our marketing tools as we follow the changes made by social media channels in their media tools and search engines, and we achieve the highest performance of campaigns ad. We determine the best websites to buy advertising space, as well as the best and highest news social media platforms in the number of viewers or followers, and by analyzing the audience segments that follow these platforms, we reach your target audience and achieve the highest results at the lowest possible cost, and then we provide detailed reports to analyze campaign performance to ensure Ensure that the objectives of the advertising campaign have been achieved in accordance with the predetermined objectives. If you want to put your media message in front of the target audience, we have extensive experience, skill and high efficiency in managing and implementing electronic advertising campaigns to achieve the targeted results for each promotional campaign. Strategic solutions for digital marketing

Programming and developing websites

sevila is a UAE based website design and development company, offering the most technologically advanced and effective web business solutions. We are an experienced web development agency that offers custom website design themes (UI & UX) and backend development services that fit your unique business strategies and needs. Our team of web developers and programmers consists of industry experts who have over 20 years of experience with improved frameworks, new technologies, and well-established methodologies for agile web design and development that facilitates your business transformation and growth. Our web design and development processes perfectly fit with the high and growing demand for customized web and mobile technologies that ensure highly customized functionality for responsive and mobile friendly websites.

Special programming for real estate offices
Special programming for contracting and maintenance companies
Special programming for medical centers

It doesn’t matter whether you need to build a website from scratch, streamline your existing front-end functionality, or migrate your legacy back-end, we offer website development services and solutions to help you build your website in a cost-effective and efficient manner. With a dedicated CMS (Content Management System) to give you complete flexibility to manage content and functions. We develop websites with different types of activities using specific programming languages:


Web applications

The developed web application is a revolutionary technology that is seen to reduce or eliminate the need for mobile applications (IOS) in the Apple Store or (Android App) in the Google Store in the future. The developed web app manages all the functionality as the native app but the user does not need to download the mobile app from the app stores. Sevila is proud to introduce and introduce this revolutionary technology in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates to serve our customers in the Middle East, GCC countries and beyond.

Selling software solutions

We, experts in selling and developing integrated software solutions, Sevila provides services for selling and building systems and software solutions that are interconnected and integrated with each other with high professionalism, which makes business in commercial companies more flexible and helps to raise the rate of productivity and data accuracy. We have a team of consultants and professional business developers who have full knowledge and experience in software development techniques that serve the frameworks, market standards, and the needs of beneficiaries, and support the policy and objectives of commercial companies and entrepreneurs.

accounting software
Hospital management
Retail store management

Creation and design of electronic stores

Adding and designing 8 modern pages Linking the store with the Google search engine Linking the store with payment gateways

Adding the feature of sending invoices to the buyer Linking the store and all forms with Google captcha to secure the site

 Add items and product tags according to their type

Adding products to the store

Adjusting the SEO of the website and products pages

Linking social networking sites

Adding communication via WhatsApp and many other features as requested by the customer

Website hosting

Maintaining the presence and continuity of your business on the Internet requires time and effort. We provide hosting solutions that meet your wide business requirements from server subscription to hosting management. Ensuring that your site is running around the clock in order not to miss any business opportunity.